A Quest for Excellence

2018-2019 PTO Officers

President Crystal Gumann 973.945.9926 president@shongumpto.org
VP Administration Dawn Pietrucha 973.895.2858 vpadmin@shongumpto.org
VP Programs Andrea Mihalko 973.328.1951 vpprograms@shongumpto.org
VP Fundraising Heather Baxter 973.442.5544 vpfund@shongumpto.org
Treasurer Jackie Kovacs 973.895.1784 treasurer@shongumpto.org
Corresponding Secretary Serena Schmitz 973.960.7592 corrsec@shongumpto.org
Recording Secretary Rachel Horwitz 908.798.0335 recsec@shongumpto.org

PTO Meetings 2018-2019

September 28 PTO Meeting 9:30 AM
October 24 PTO Meeting 7:00 PM
December 14 PTO Meeting 9:30 AM
January 15 or 16 PTO 5th Grade Parent information meeting 7:00 PM
February 8 PTO meeting 9:30 AM
April 26 PTO Meeting 9:30 AM
May 22 PTO Meeting 9:30 AM Candidate Nominations for PTO Elections
June 12 PTO Meeting 9:30 AM Elections

Thank You for Your Donation!

Your support of the Shongum PTO is very much appreciated. Your donation goes to providing programming for the students of Shongum, technology upgrades and a myriad of other services. Thank you!

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