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About the Shongum PTO

The purpose of the Shongum PTO  is:

a.  To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and community;

b.  To raise the standards of home life;

c.  To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth;

d.  To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth; and

e.  To develop between educators and the general public united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

The Shongum PTO prides itself in providing a variety of programs aimed at reaching these goals.  We rely on the strength of our volunteers to offer our programs.  There are so many ways to be involved in our school.  We encourage everyone to help in any way possible.

Thank you for supporting the Shongum PTO!


Carol Brandmaier-Monahan

Vice President, Administration
Crystal Gumann

Vice President, Programs

Vice President, Fundraising
Marie Lachanski
Jackie Kovacs

Jen Pasuit

Recording Secretary
Erin Kazella

Corresponding Secretary
Renee Taurman

President Carol Brandmaier-Monahan 895-2369 president@shongumpto.org
Blood Bank Carol Brandmaier-Monahan 361-0610 president@shongumpto.org
Board of Ed Rep. Dolly Laura Alley 895-2369 wndalley@optonline.net
Shongum PTO Grants Dolly Laura Alley 895-2369 wndalley@optonline.net
PTO Council Rep. Crystal Gumann 945-9926 vpadmin@shongumpto.org
PTO Council Fundraiser Jackie Kovacs 895-9547 jackovacs@optonline.net
Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
PTO Council Scholarships Carol Brandmaier-Monahan 361-0610 president@shongumpto.org
Room Parents Amanda Kielbania 933-2415 akielbania@optonline.net
Heather Baxter 442-5544 hcbaxter@gmail.com
Board Nominating  Cmte Carol Brandmaier-Monahan 361-0610 president@shongumpto.org
Staff Appreciation Week Chrissy Sunberg 895-2228 csunberg1@verizon.net
Ivanna D’Andrea (201) 341-9058 ivannadandrea@yahoo.com
Linda Helmer 366-1933 fuenhelmer@hotmail.com
Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
Holly Doto 933-2004 hollydoto@optonline.net
Hospitality Ivanna D’Andrea (201) 341-9058 ivannadandrea@yahoo.com
Vice President – Admin. Crystal Gumann 945-9926 vpadmin@shongumpto.org
Field Day Caryn Spingarn 343-2273 spinfamily@optonline.net
Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
Tina Liston 933-2467 tina74@optonline.net
Scavenger Hunt Vikki Fordahl 933-2322 vfordahl@gmail.com
Crystal Gumann 945-9926 vpadmin@shongumpto.org
Box Tops/Labels for Education Vikki Fordahl 933-2322 vfordahl@gmail.com
Crystal Guman 945-9926 vpadmin@shongumpto.org
Jen Peel 895-9547 jenpeel@jenstamps.com
5th Grade Event Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
Melissa Millward 723-2924 Melissa@corbyhall.com
Caryn Spingarn 343-2273 spinfamily@optonline.net
Tina Liston 933-2467 tina74@optonline.net
Cultural Arts Paula Dobres (201) 463-9706 pauladand3@yahoo.com
Lysa Yurchuk 895-2083 lysacampeau@gmail.com
Scholastic Olympics IIana Klochkov (201) 788-1834 iklochkov@hotmail.com
Janele Hyland 895-2228 janele@the-o-n-e.com
Yearbook Committee Carol Brandmaier- Monahan 361-0610 ybkshongum@gmail.com
Amy Brown 442-4131 ybkshongum@gmail.com
Nicole Wilson 975-7554 niciw712@hotmail.com
Kindergarten Science Fair Jackie Levitan 933-2299 thelevitanz@verizon.net
Andrea Magley (732) 688-2903 redkit10@aol.com
Hour of Code Amy Brown 442-4131 amyschneider@earthlink.net
Theresa Crowther 218-3111 tmgcrowther@gmail.com
Barbara Reyes 933-2362 barbreyes29@gmail.com
Carol Brandmaier-Monahan 361-0610 president@shongumpto.org
Vice President – Fundraising Jackie Kovacs 895-1784 vpfund@shongumpto.org
Marie Lachanski 224-2685
Book Fair Melissa Millward 723-2924 Melissa@corbyhall.com
Dana O’Malley (201) 400-4953 baccdana@yahoo.com
Kid’s Coupon Books Lisa Maderna 895-2644 l_maderna@yahoo.com
Shongum Spirit Wear Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
Membership Book Dolly Laura Alley 895-2369 wndalley@optonline.net
Eliza Schleifstein 537-9891 efschleifstein@gmail.com
Crystal Gumann 945-9926 vpadmin@shongumpto.org
School Supplies Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
Vendor Nights Marie Lachanski 224-2685 mdpappy07@gmail.com
Jackie Kovacs 895-1784 jackovacs@optonline.net
Valentine’s Day Dance Jill Ellermeyer 895-6086 jillae1201@aol.com
Tina Liston 933-2467 tina74@optonline.net
Minute to Win It Tina Liston 933-2467 tina74@optonline.net
Holiday Gift Shop Meghan Murphy 895-8810 mmurphy.randf@gmail.com
Dana O’Malley (201) 400-4953 baccdana@yahoo.com
Treasurer Jen Pasuit 933-2178 treasurer@shongumpto.org
Recess Bags Michelle Harth 895-5728 michelleharth@yahoo.com
Nancy Podesta 895-4148 podesta93@yahoo.com
Excuse Pads Paula Dobres (201) 463-9706 pauladand3@yahoo.com
Holiday Gift Certificates Julie Hamilton 933-9122 Jhamilton2333@gmail.com
Shongum Skyhawk Enrichment Neha Desai 933-2266 njdesai78@hotmail.com
Purvin Desai 933-2266 purvin.desai@gmail.com
Andrea Guglielmetti 895-2601 jordannmasonsmom79@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Erin Kazella 895-2680 recsec@shongumpto.org
Kindergarten Testing Cindi Myerson 895-9536 csmerk1024@gmail.com
Spring Flowers Erin Kazella 895-2680 recsec@shongumpto.org
Michelle Harth 895-5728 michelleharth@yahoo.com
Family Portraits Dawn Pietrucha 572-0088 dawnp@me.com
New Family Welcome Marissa Shuster 366-2025 marissahalper@yahoo.com
Birthday Book Club Birte Streitberger 366-1111 birte@streitberger.net
Birthday Button Coordinator Jackie Kovacs 895-9547 jackovacs@optonline.net
September Teacher Luncheon Erin Kazella 895-2680 recsec@shongumpto.org
Jenn DesRosiers 361-1721 cinco73@yahoo.com
5th Grade Moving up Breakfast Christine Kress 933-2286 rjcmkress@gmail.com
Deb Cox 328-3394 dcox6@optonline.net
Meghan Stokoe 361-1930 meghans@optonline.net


Corresponding Secretary Renee Taurman 895-0057 corrsec@shongumpto.org
Cheer and Needy Meghan Stokoe 361-1930 meghans@optonline.net
Communications – PTO Blast Lisa Maderna 895-2644 l_maderna@yahoo.com
Renee Taurman 895-0057 corrsec@shongumpto.org
Pasta Dinner Meghan Stokoe 361-1930 meghans@optonline.net
Marisa Albano 895-1767 malbano@veronaschools.org
Shongum Fun Day Christine Kress 933-2286 rjcmkress@gmail.com
Michelle Meola (201) 933-3304 michellefearon@yahoo.com
Website Design Jeff Knapp 895-2025 websitedesign@shongumpto.org
Jen Peel 895-9547 jenpeel@jenstamps.com
Facebook, Twitter Jen Peel 895-9547 jenpeel@jenstamps.com
5th Grade Variety Show Caryn Spingarn 343-2273 spinfamily@optonline.net
5th Grade Dance Robin Bibbo 933-2258 ladybibs2@aol.com
End of Year PTO Party Renee Taurman 895-0057 corrsec@shongumpto.org

Thank You for Your Donation!

Your support of the Shongum PTO is very much appreciated. Your donation goes to providing programming for the students of Shongum, technology upgrades and a myriad of other services. Thank you!

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