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PTO Week in Review 10/21/18



Skyhawk Enrichment: 
It’s not too late to join the fun!  Cartooning and Lego Tech both begin on Tuesday and have openings.  Intro to Sewing begins on Wednesday and there is still room to join that class too.

Many of our Thursday and Friday classes still have space for a few more students too.

Please go tohttp://www.shongumpto.org/skyhawk-enrichment/ for the most up to date class information.

Questions? Please email: vpfund@shongumpto.org

PTO Membership & Directory

Thank you to everyone who has joined the PTO this school year!  The membership directories will be sent home with your youngest child at Shongum and you should see it either today or tomorrow.  If you do not receive a directory by Wednesday and think you should have, please start by asking your child to check their desk and mailbox and then reaching out to your child’s teacher.  You can also contact Kristine Loeffler at ShongumPTOMembership@gmail.com with any additional directory questions.

An extra “THANKS” goes out to those families who made a Donation this membership drive.  All donations go directly towards the numerous programs funded by the PTO each year.  If you did not make an additional donation and wish to do so, you can do this at any time by using the “donate” button on the PTO website (please note “PTO Donation” in the PayPal message) or by sending in a check made out to “Shongum PTO” with “donation” in the memo line. (Please put it in an envelope addressed “PTO Treasurer”)  These additional funds make it possible for us to offer a variety of enriching experiences without having to burden our members with traditional fundraisers (such as candy, magazine, or wrapping paper sales) throughout the year.  Any size donation is always appreciated! Thank you again for your continued support!


10/22/18-10/26/18:        Red Ribbon Spirit Week – see below
Please visit our website, http://www.shongumpto.org/ or Facebook page for more information.
*** UPDATES *** 
Red Ribbon Week: Shongum School will be recognizing Red Ribbon and School Violence Awareness Week beginning Monday, October 22nd through Friday, October 26th. Please click on the attached letter from Mrs. Hessels for each day’s specific spirit activities.  SG_Red_Ribbon_Spirit_Days_2018
Shongum BookFair: Thanks for coming to the fair! We’d like to thank all of the volunteers, teachers, parents, and especially Mrs. Healy for making the 2018 Shongum Book Fair such a great success!
The book fair may be over, but…if you missed the fair or if there were items that were out of stock, you can still place an order online now until October 31st!
Scholastic has given us our own website that offers all the titles Scholastic carries, and all proceeds will go back to the PTO for Shongum School!
All orders will ship free to Shongum School and will be sent directly to your child’s classroom! Feel free to share this link with your family and friends. Go to http://scholastic.com/bf/shongum, scroll down the page and click “shop now” under the “online fair” banner.
Once again, thank you everyone for making this year’s fair our best one yet!
Michelle Harth, Erin Kazella, Melissa Millward
Room Parent Program: All parents should have received classroom-specific Volunteer Sheets from the Room Parents of their respective classes.  If you would like to be considered for a volunteer assignment (including field trips, class parties and various school-wide events), please make sure to complete these and send them back to your Room Parents no later than the deadline specified on the Volunteer Sheet. 

If you have not received a Volunteer Sheet, please contact Rachel Horwitz (Grades K-2) at terpgirl77@gmail.com or Donna Quatrone (Grades 3-5) at kingvito115@gmail.com  and we will make sure the appropriate one is sent to you via email.







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Thank You for Your Donation!

Your support of the Shongum PTO is very much appreciated. Your donation goes to providing programming for the students of Shongum, technology upgrades and a myriad of other services. Thank you!

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